Are You Dazzled

Are You Dazzled

Have you even given much thought to the way colour effects you? Well, when it comes to your car, clothes, house and so on, you are most likely pretty aware of what you like and what you don’t like, what suits you and what doesn’t suit you. When it comes to packaging, we are often far less aware than you may think. Those, custom printed-paper bag, promotional bags and packaging in general, has a great influence on you?

There is a lot of research to suggest that not only does colour have an influence over us, but so does the product they are associated with. The chances are therefore very good that promotional bags have more influence on you than you think.

Promotional bags and event, for example, whilst they may be provided by a sponsor, will be more than just brand recognition. Companies do not just come up with a Logo and slogan. They carry out a lot of research to see what colours associate with their products and services. Any form of promotional material has probably had a lot of time spent on getting the colours right.

Supermarkets, for example, might have custom printed-paper bags to promote a particular seasonal event, product promotion or some storewide sale. You might think you do not take much notice of what might be on the bag, but it is like all promotion, you see it enough and you will remember it. That might not necessarily result in you purchasing the product because of the promotional nature right then, but you will be aware, and often that can be enough for you to purchase or take some action in the future. Have a peek at this website if you are looking for perfect supplier.

When you think about it, your natural instincts motivate you when it comes to colour. Whilst it might be dependent on your personality to some extent, colours can make you feel a certain way. Black is nite, night can be foreboding and represents grief and death in some European culture. We might associate blue with clear summer skies, or the water lapping along a tropical beach. You probably have a favourite colour as well. If you have a favourite colour or colours, ask yourself why? It might take a while to figure it out, but if you do, then you may have just learnt something about yourself you never realised before.

In some cultures colour will mean different things and when combined with other colours will alert us to specific meanings. Take red and green; we often associate them with Christmas. Black on yellow, orange or red alert us to some sort of warning or danger.

You may think you are tired and just want to get the grocery shopping, load it into you bags and go home, but you’ve most likely chosen on the products you have just brought because of the colours.

So next time you see promotional material, be it on Custom printed paper bags for promotional purpose, or a promotional bag at a show or some other event, you have just been dazzled by promotion.

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